Health Screenings

Physical Examination:

Every child entering the Maryland public school system for the first time is required to have a physical examination. The physical examination form designated by the Maryland State Department of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shall be used to meet this requirement. Physical examination forms may be obtained from the School Nurse or downloaded from this web site. The examination must be completed by a doctor or certified nurse practitioner. If parents are not able to obtain a physical for their child they should speak to the School Nurse and she will assist them in this matter.

Record of Physical Exam (.pdf)

Hearing and Vision Screenings:

Hearing and vision screenings are provided to all students attending public schools in Maryland. Screenings are performed in the years that a student enters the school system for the first time, and 1st and 8th grades. In addition, any student who is suspected of having a hearing or vision problem may be screened by the school nurse upon request. The results are part of the student's permanent health record and given to the parents of any student who fails the screenings.