Physical Education / Health

Waiving the Physical Education Graduation Requirement:

This is to advise you that under the Maryland State Board of Education regulation 13A.04.13.01 for physical education, there is no ability to waive the physical education graduation requirement established by each local school system. However, there are modifications one may make based on the physical limitations or medical condition of the student.

Students may participate in a modified program of physical education based upon individual needs. This would require an individual program be adapted to assist students with any necessary modifications. This program would have to be approved by the parent or guardian, physical education teacher, supervisor, and local school system for these modifications to be developed.

Caroline County Physical Education/Health Curriculum:

Caroline County Public Schools understands the value of building a community of physically literate and active students that will leave their time in public education with the skills and knowledge to live a healthy life.

Curriculum: All Physical Education and Health courses utilize the Maryland State Curriculum, where applicable. Under State of Maryland regulations, all students in grades K-8 must be provided with Physical Education each year. Additionally, all students must complete their Physical Education requirement in high school.

In grades 3 through high school, our Physical Education teachers utilize FitnessGram as a measure of each student's fitness level. The FitnessGram program was developed by the Cooper Institute as a criterion-referenced fitness assessment to provide students, teachers, and parents with accurate personalized information to help make decisions for living a healthy and fit life. For more information regarding FitnessGram, please click here.


For inquiries regarding CCPS Health/Physical Education/APE, please contact Susan McCandless, Supervisor of Instruction at